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Are you tired of cluttered and dirty offices? It’s time to make your office shine with the best commercial cleaning services in town—My Park City Cleaning.

Imagine a clean and organized office every day, with surfaces shining, trashcans emptied, and restrooms that smell fresh! We, at My Park City Cleaning, offer janitor services that increase the productivity of the staff, thereby resulting in a better quality of work.

Our services are designed to meet every office’s particular requirements. With our team of highly trained and experienced professionals, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a healthier, happier, and productive work environment.

What we Offer

Our janitor services are aimed at keeping the office clean, well-maintained, and looking its best.  Following are the services we offer:

  • Dusting and WipingThis includes dusting and wiping the desks, countertops, shelves, and other surfaces to remove dust and other particles.
  • Floor CleaningThis includes sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming of hard floor surfaces and/or carpets.
  • Trash RemovalThis involves emptying trashcans and recycling bins, as well as changing liners and responsibly disposing of the waste.
  • Restroom CleaningThis includes cleaning and sanitizing washbasins, toilets, shower stalls, and other fixtures. It also includes restocking supplies such as paper towels, soap, and toilet paper.
  • Kitchen and Break Room CleaningThis includes cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, appliances, and dishes, as well as restocking supplies.
  • Window CleaningThis involves cleaning the interior and exterior of windows, removing streaks and smudges, and restoring clarity.
  • Carpet CleaningWe also offer deep cleaning of carpets to remove dirt, stains, and allergens.
  • DisinfectionWe use specialized cleaning products and methods to kill germs and bacteria and prevent the spread of illness.
  • Specialty CleaningIt includes customized services to meet the specific needs of office spaces. This can include cleaning for special events, post-construction cleaning, or move-in/out cleaning.

These services are detail-oriented and are usually composed of deep cleaning methods to extract even the tiniest of dust particles. These usually involve deep cleaning of the office space, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, and pressure washing.

How can our Janitor Services Benefit your Workplace?

  • Improved Health, Safety, and ProductivityDo you aim to reduce sick leaves and improve employee efficiency? If yes, you are at the right place! Studies show that a clean and well-maintained office environment helps to prevent the spread of illness and creates a healthier workplace for employees. Moreover, a clean and organized space can augment employee productivity by 15%.
  • Enhanced Professional ImageAs they say ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ You don’t want to convey a negative image of your business by subjecting employees, clients, and visitors to an untidy environment. With our janitor services, your office will be as immaculate as your reputation!
  • Time and Cost SavingsOutsourcing may seem like a costly option initially, but it’s not so. By hiring a company for cleaning, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on cleaning and equipment.
  • Retain Quality EmployeesIt’s a famous quote that ‘quality attracts quality.’ This is extremely true for business scenarios. An organization cannot function without its employees. Providing your employees with a clean environment not only boosts productivity but verifies that they don’t leave for a better environment. After all, nobody likes to work at sixes and sevens!

How we Operate?

We typically operate by offering cleaning services on a regular (once, twice, or thrice a week) or monthly basis to ensure that your office looks perfect at all times.

  • Initial ConsultationWe conduct an initial consultation to assess the specific needs of your office. This includes the size of the space, floor type, and any specific cleaning requirements.
  • Service AgreementNext, we provide a service agreement that outlines the scope of services including the frequency and costs.
  • SchedulingA schedule will be designed according to the agreed-upon details. You don’t have to worry about the cleaners disrupting the work timings. We ensure that the office is cleaned at a time that is most convenient for the employees.
  • Cleaning ServicesOn the scheduled day, our cleaners will arrive with all necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Quality ControlFor us, client satisfaction is our top priority. Hence, a quality check by our manager after cleaning is a must. This ensures that everything is done properly according to the required standards.


At My Park City Cleaning, we make sure that every nook and corner is cleaned, leaving your office sparkling clean and germs-free. From thorough disinfection to eco-friendly methods, our services are customized to meet your requirements.

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