Construction cleaning services Salt Lake City Utah

The Best Post Construction Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City Utah

Building a dream home or renovating the existing space is exciting! But before you celebrate, there’s the hurdle of post construction cleanup. Dust, debris, and lingering materials can make it feel overwhelming. Our post Construction Cleaning Services in Salt Lake can be your secret weapon, transforming your dusty shell into a spotless haven.

At Park City Cleaning we have the tools and knowledge to offer specialized post construction cleaning services designed to meet your unique needs.

Post Construction Cleaning Phases

In Park City Cleaning will take care all Post Construction Cleaning Phases:

  • Rough clean:We remove all large items such as debris, trash, leftover materials. General sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Light clean:Is the most important and require a intensive labor. In this part we clean every corner of the house, cabinets, counters, windows, ceiling fans, lights fixture and more. We use special equipment: Backpack vacuums, scrubber machine and more.
  • Final cleaning:Our Post Construction Cleaners will go through the whole house and make sure everything is spotless. Once the final clean is completed, the space is considered move-in ready.
Post construction cleaning services in Salt Lake City Utah
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Our Checklist for Effective Post Construction Clean Up

We understand there are other House Cleaning Companies out there, too, but there are factors that make us stand out. Here’s why we are the perfect choice for you:

  • Construction waste removal.
  • Dust cleaning from walls, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches, doors, windows frame, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and more.
  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors.
  • We use a professional hard floors soft scrubbing machines.
  • We mop all floors.
  • Removal of paint, adhesives.
  • Professional window cleaning.


Post construction cleaning services are more than just a luxury; they’re an investment in a smooth transition to your new space. By delegating the cleaning tasks, you gain valuable time, ensure a safe and healthy environment, and can move into your dream space with peace of mind.

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